The Firm

Since 1953 the Firm specialises in the field of Human Resources Management and Administration, putting at the service of the clients its solid experience in the field of labour law. The relationship he has established with his clients is founded in a sense of trust, with more than 50 years of experience and a client turnover rate of less than 1%.

The high-quality, professional service provided to its Clients is guaranteed by the long and consolidated experience in the field of Labour Law, Trade Union Law and Fiscal, Social and Insurance Legislation, gained over more than half a century of service by the founder of the Firm, the Chartered Account and Labour Consultant, Mr. Dionigi Giorgiutti, and, since 1970, by the Accountant and Labour Consultant, Ms. Luciana Tami.

Since 1995, he has worked as part of Dr. Alberto Giorgiutti’s firm, and acquired his professional Labour Consultant status in 1998 via the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

Since 2002 the Labour Consultant has collaborated with the firm dott. Stefano di Barbara, since 2005 the Labour consultant dott. Daniele Cattunar, since 2008 the Labour consultant dott.Guglielmo Pauletta, since 2015 the Labour consultant rag. Elena Patroncino and since 2022 the Labour consultant rag. Davide Buco.

The Firm therefore originates from the strong desire of its founder to meet, with its own professional staff, the many needs from companies and private individuals for business assistance in the field of human resources management, labour consultancy and budget planning..

To achieve this aim, Giorgiutti consultancy Firm has focused on the qualification, specialisation and organisation of its own human resources, in order to always meet the quality required by the business system.

Our team is kept constantly up-to-date with trends and changes to the job market in order to quickly resolve issues for the many clients they work with each day.

Our Clients’ satisfaction represents a guarantee for the quality of our Firm’s services and has enabled us to develop our internal resources’ skills and capabilities for innovatively addressing, thorough state-of-the-art technology, always new and different “challenges”.