Giorgiutti srl

The Firm deals with all matters pertaining to Human Resources Administration, including calculation and production of payslips and tax returns.

The Firm makes use of state-of-the-art technology capable of meeting companies’ needs for fast, high-quality service.

Due to our structured methodology and use of constantly updated cutting-edge solutions, we are able to provide a range of fiscal and payroll processing services accessible also from the Client premises by means of a dedicated web portal, while maintaining our local hand delivery service.

  1. Preparation of employees payslips and monthly tax obligations
  2. Execution of all administrative obligations related to labour relations
  3. The Firm makes available a round-the-clock personal area where Clients can:
    1. Consult and download the monthly payroll in PDF format, including UNIEMENS summary report (wages), CUD (annual earnings and paid taxes), 770 (consolidated tax return declaration), etc.
    2. Consult and download the F24 form (taxes and social security) in PDF format
    3. Consult and download the net amounts printout report in PDF format
    4. Consult and download the financial statements in PDF, EXCEL or WORD format, and as a customized file for import
    5. Access links, sector and custom circulars, i.e. circulars arranged according to the social security and contractual regime applied by the Client
    6. Consult the own CCNL (National Collective Bargaining Agreement) and view the related deadlines
    7. Consult and monthly download the printouts for the 13th and 14th-month salaries, holidays, ROL (paid permits) and TFR (severance pay) accruals, in PDF or EXCEL format
    8. Fill in the online attendance sheet