Associates and Professionals



The activities of Giorgiutti Associates focuses primarily on:

Objectives: To guarantee the best legal, social security and welfare framework for each type of request made by the client. And the application of corporate welfare more in line with the uniqueness of our customers

The firm has a team of professionals experienced in extraordinary corporate transactions, such as acquisitions, divestments, planning for mergers, incorporations, demergers and transformations. All this is ensured by a careful analysis of the cases presented, scrupulously following business evaluation, feasibility studies and convenience calculations.

the organisation, acting as authorised intermediary, deals with the electronic filing of tax returns, opening and/or variation of the accounts at the various institutions such as INPS (social insurance), INAIL (work accidents insurance), CASSA EDILE (construction workers’ fund) and many other institutions.

Another objective of the firm is to provide support and guidance, aimed at optimising the financial management of individual talent and the human resources area as a whole. This is done through a careful analysis of the company’s balance sheet and workforce.

Analysis and/or organisation of the internal management control system with definition of the targets and strategies aimed at controlling costs, together with budget drafting and related reports.

Through qualified professionals, Giorgiutti Associates provides specific consultancy and assistance regarding:
Complete administration of subordinate personnel (including domestic staff, foreign workers and workers working abroad) and para-subordinate workers (outside staff, associates, occasional workers, etc.)
Management and enhancement of human resources with preparation of organisational charts and budgets
Management of individual and collective labour disputes and representation for the Conciliation Commission at the Provincial Directorate of Labour
Payroll Register management
Management of litigations with insurance, social security and pension institutions
Compliance documentation for social security benefits
Labour cost-reporting with development of procedures and custom reports
Party-appointed technical/legal consultancy
Consultancy on social security and pension matters
Consultancy on procedures for entry of non-EU workers/ abroad posting of Italian workers
Analysis of the human resources and organizational charts
Choices of convenience for achieving the optimal configuration of human resources
Legislative compliance “check-up” on human resources management
Assistance and consultancy at companies’ premises, in and outside the regional territory

The combination of business investigations and prolonged examinations in the field of economics and law enable responsible and well-considered decision-making in business, economics and finance.