Dott. Stefano Di Barbara

Phone: 0039 0432 691812
Qualification: labour consultant

He obtained his diploma in Accounting at the “I.T.C. C. Deganutti” of Udine in July 1995.

Graduated with an economics degree in 2023.

From 1995 to 2002 he provided administrative consultancy to various leading companies in the area.

She has helped to consolidate the Clients base through continuous innovation, showing complete independence in the organisational and decision-making process.

He specialises in managing groups of companies, budget drafting and payroll processing through the use of system innovations, while covering the role of working group coordinator. He is responsible for continuous innovation.

He is a trainer in personnel administration and labour law compliance for regional training institutions.

He lectures at the University of Udine’s Master of Human Resources program and testifies in graduate courses and at regional training institutions.

In 2002 he started to work with the Giorgiutti team, becoming head of department.